I. Evangelism is the proclamation of jesus christ–period!

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НазваниеI. Evangelism is the proclamation of jesus christ–period!
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Acts 8:1-8, 26-40

Evangelism (telling others about Jesus) is not a great idea…it is a COMMAND issued by Christ Himself. 

  • It’s not easy!

  • It does cause us to get uncomfortable.

  • People will think you are crazy, and

  • Following the command of Christ will create tension (напряжение) at times.

Nonetheless, we are still called and empowered to do this! 

Lk. 24:49 наделены силой свыше.

I. EVANGELISM IS THE PROCLAMATION OF JESUS CHRIST–PERIOD!  (Acts 8:4-8) провозглашение об Иисусе Христе
ILL. Not, Life-style (образ жизни) evangelism
ILL. One of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard in my life is, “Preach the Gospel all of the time and, when necessary, use words!”  DUMB! 

Cf. Romans 10:14-17, it's through THE WORD that people are saved.
ILL. Many churches have turned cowardice.

- With modern music, emotional experience, etc.

- a cowardly church culture has turned it into a whole lot of things that Jesus never intended it to be.  

- Good deeds are never a bad thing, but cutting someone’s grass or paying for their coffee is NOT evangelism.  

- Phillip proclaimed Christ (v. 5) Тогда Филипп сошел в город Самарии, и проповедовал им Христа.


Евангелизация разрушает наш обычный распорядок дня.
1. It is a matter of sacrifice! Это - дело жертвы.
- Acts 8:4-8 Phillip is declaring Christ to the masses.
i. NOTICE Acts 8:26-29 God specifically speaks to his heart abruptly leads him in a different direction.  
^ ILL. Too many of our own plans.

Prov. 6:8 Заготовляет летом хлеб свой, и собирает во время жатвы пищу свою.
ILL. “Go”

- Jesus to the 12 “Идите по всему миру и проповедуйте евангелие каждой твари.”

- Legion was told to “go.” Mk. 5:19 Однако Иисус не позволил ему, но говорит ему, Иди домой к своим друзьям, и расскажи им, какие великие дела Господь сделал для тебя, и сжалился над тобой.


22 И сказал слуга, Господин, сделано, как приказал ты, и еще есть место.

23 И сказал господин слуге, Выходи на большие дороги и изгороди, и принуди их войти, чтобы наполнился дом мой.
Acts 8:26-92

26 И сказал ангел Господень Филиппу, говоря, Встань, и иди к югу, на путь, что сходит от Иерусалима к Газе, который пустынен.

30 И Филипп побежал туда к нему, и услышал, что он читает пророка Исаию, и сказал, Понимаешь ли, что читаешь?

29 Тогда Дух сказал Филиппу, Подойди, и пристань к этой колеснице.

- One of the things we’ve GOT to do is beg God to disrupt our “normal” routine and make ourselves available to do whatever He wants us to do.  
ILL. Jesus sacrificing for you.


1. The reason God sent Phillip down this road is that He was working on the heart of a man who desperately needed Him!  

ILL. “God is preparing the Hearts of the people He is prompting us to share Christ with.”

ILL. Remember when you got saved. Divine meeting. Your heart was prepared.

2. We NEVER know what God may be doing in someone else’s life.  

i. They may portray that they have it all together and they are not interested…but you never know what God is doing in their hearts.  

ii. If God is prompting you to witness to someone, then He has gone ahead of you and is preparing them as well!

3. It’s a matter of prayer and seeking out sinners. God eventually gives you the one who will “take the bait,” whose heart is more open, who sees his need. Etc.

^ IV. BE NORMAL! (Acts 8:29-30) Level with him.

поговорить с парнем откровенно
i. Led by the Spirit. He was obedient to the Holy Spirit.
1. ^ His approach was normal, natural.

24 А слуга Господа не должен ссориться; но быть мягким ко всем, способным учить, терпеливым,

25 В кротости наставляя тех, кто противится; не даст ли им Бог покаяния к признанию истины;

26 И чтобы они освободились из ловушки дьявола, которые взяты в плен им по его воле.
2. ^ What Phillip did NOT say, “Hello, hell bound sinner, did you know that unless you repent of your sin and give your life to Jesus, you are going to fry like bacon in a devil’s hell?”

He did not scream, yell, and hold up signs.

i. He did not start an argument about denominations.

ii. He did not chase rabbits.

iii. He did not try to belittle him. унижать

iv. He did not look down at him. смотреть сверху вниз
He simply listened to the Spirit, ran up to the chariot (it does take effort), and asked a simple question, “Do you understand what you are reading?”
ILL. It’s amazing the opportunities that God puts in front of us every single day…

3. When you see an opportunity take advantage of it.

i. You simply need to be normal,
4. Engage them in conversation – questions. Дай мне пить.

i. Let me ask you a question “Are you saved?”
ii. Statements. “It’s hot out.” “You seem pretty religious.” “A better day is coming.”

“I’m really happy.” “I received the greatest gift, FREE.” Etc.

iii. Communicate with them. Talk with them.

iv. Show some interest that you are interested in them.


1. We are called to PROCLAIM CHRIST!!!  
2. Notice, Phillip began where the eunuch was.

i. Brought the conversation back around to JESUS!  

  1. It HAS TO come back to Christ. Don’t get sidetracked.

ILL. Political, social issues, etc.


1. NOTICE Acts 8:36-40 

i. Phillip literally gets teleported by God.  

ii. The eunuch receives Christ, is baptized, and then God moves Phillip somewhere else to KEEP proclaiming Christ.  

iii. We are NEVER done with this.
^ ILL. Daniel is witnessing in his old age.

ILL. Ruckman (91) years old preaches

ILL. Spurgeon was a soul winner ‘till the end of his age (58).

iv. God has strategically placed each one of us in places of work, in neighborhoods, and in certain social situations

- NOT for our comfort…but rather He placed us there with specific relationships so that we can literally tell others about Jesus!
ILL. The fishermen on the river Dnipro (in boats) they’re in one place, and then move to another. What a lesson!
v. It’s NOT a one-time deal…it’s a root value that we must embrace in our lives if we are going to follow Christ!


ILL. College football is very competitive. It is a struggle (борьба). Tom Brady embraced воспользовался возможностью, that struggle. Watch the Lord use you.  

Invitation / Altar Call

Are you going to make it a point to “go” to somebody – a friend, neighbor, relative, etc. to tell them about the Lord.

Now is the time.

Look to the Saviour today!


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